Lunch meetings

We have regular online-lunch-meeting for Daisy users with a short presentation on new developments or projects involving Daisy. 
You can see topics and (for some meetings) presentations below. 

Normally meetings a held last Wednesday of the month. If you would like to join and are not already on the invitation list please write to


Month Speaker Topic
January Merete Styczen, PLEN, UCPH. Introduction to HIP-data and how to access it. Fetch the presentations here and here.


Month Speaker Topic
December Merete Styczen, PLEN, UCPH.
Comparison of Daisy and Daycent N2O-processes. Fetch the presentation here.
May Per Abrahamsen, PLEN, UCPH. Presentation of recent work on “ParaDaisy” for distribution of simulations to computer cores and summarizing results (SPAWN and NWAPS). Fetch the presentation here
February Finn Plauborg, AGRO, AU. Water and N-balance of well drained and poorly drained fields in Tokkerup, Zealand.
January Merete Styczen, PLEN, UCPH. A different way to parameterize N in grain for spring barley.


Month Speaker Topic
December Valentine Guzniczak, PLEN, UCPH. Natural toxin in lupin.
November Maddie Vinkler Schwartzkopff, PLEN, UCPH. A comparison of spring barley and winter wheat on N-leaching.
October Celine Grønning, PLEN, UCPH. Parameterization of catch crops focused on simulating climate impact.
March Maja Karolina Rydgård, PLEN, UCPH. Using Daisy to estimate inventory factors for LCA on sewage sludge and sewage sludge biochar
January Merete Styczen, PLEN, UCPH. New root functions and spring barley calibration.