Jozef TakačSoil,

Science and Conservation Research Institute,

Gagarinova 10, 827 13 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Spring barley parameterization for Slovakia.

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Supporting article:

Pohanková, E., Hlavinka, P., Takáč, J., Žalud, Z., and Trnka, M. (2015): Calibration and Validation of the Crop Growth Model DAISY for Spring Barley in the Czech Republic. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis, 63(4): 1177–1186.

Sabine J. Seidel,

Institut für Hydrologie und Meteorologie,

Technische Universität Dresden,

Bergstraße 66, 01069 Dresden, Germany

Parameterisations of Common Bean (normal and Farquar-photosynthesis)

Supporting article:Seidel, S.J. , Rachmilevitch, S., Schütze, N. and . Lazarovitch, N.: Modelling the impact of drought and heat stress on common bean with two different photosynthesis model approaches. Environmental Modelling & Software 81 (2016) 111-121.

Sabine J. Seidel,

Institut für Hydrologie und Meteorologie,

Technische Universität, Dresden,

Bergstraße 66, 01069 Dresden, Germany

Parameterisation of White cabbage.

Supporting article:Seidel, S.J., Werish, S., Barfus, K., Wagner, M., Schütze, N. and Laber, H.: Field Evaluation of irrigation scheduling strategies using a mechanistic crop growth model. Irrig. and Drain. 65: (2016)214–223.

Kiril Manewski,

Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Tjele, Denmark

Parameterisation of maize

Supporting article:Manewski, K., Børgesen, C.D., Andersen, M.N. and Kristensen, I.S. (2015): Reduced nitrogen leaching by intercropping maize with red fescue on sandy soils in North Europe: a combined field and modeling study. Plant Soil 388: 67-85.

Sander Bruun and co-workers,

Department of Plant and Environment,

University of Copenhagen

Content of a range of organic fertilizers and their turn-over parameters. It contains different types of compost, degassed municipal waste, different types of sludge) Supporting articles:Bruun, S., Hansen, TL., Christensen, TH., Magid, J., Jensen, LS (2006). Application of processed organic municipal solid waste on agricultural land–a scenario analysis. Environmental Modeling & Assessment 11 (3), 251-265. Nielsen, MP., Yoshida, M., Raji, SG., Scheutz, C. Jensen, LS., Christensen, TH (In Press). Deriving Environmental Life Cycle Inventory Factors for Land Application of Garden Waste Products Under Northern European Conditions. Environmental Modeling & Assessment Bruun, S., Yoshida, H., Nielsen, MP., Jensen, LS., Christensen, TH., Scheutz, C (2016).Estimation of long-term environmental inventory factors associated with land application of sewage sludge. Journal of Cleaner Production 126, 440-450

Marieke ten Hoeve,

Department of Plant and Environment,

University of Copenhagen

Calibration of pig slurry (reference slurry, the solid and the liquid phase and acidified slurry as well as the acidified solid and acidified liquid phase) Supporting articles:ten Hoeve, M., Nyord, T., Peters, G. M., Hutchings, N.J., Jensen, L.S., Bruun, S. (2016). A life cycle perspective of slurry acidification strategies under different nitrogen regulations. Journal of Cleaner Production 127 : 591-599.ten Hoeve, M., Gómez-Muñoz, B., Jensen, L.S., and Bruun, S. (2016). Environmental impacts of combining pig slurry acidification and separation under different regulatory regimes - A life cycle assessment. Journal of Environmental Management 181: 710-720.