Possibilities of cooperation

We are very happy to cooperate on PhD-studies, shared projects or similar, which concerns development of new process descriptions, new parameterisations or use of the model in general. Modelling does not have to be the main activity, but a component of the work. However, we prefer to be involved in such studies from the beginning, in order to make sure that data collection and other activities will actually support modelling at some stage.

We have also carried out or participated in specific studies for public institutions, in order todescribe interactions or extrapolate research findings to a wider range of conditions.

Please contact a member of the Daisy group for more information.

The Daisy panel

Apart from the Daisy group, the members of the group are: Lars Stoumann Jensen, Sander Bruun and Søren K. Rasmussen (Plant and Soil Science), Kristian Thorup Kristensen and Christian Bugge Henriksen (Crop Science), and Hans Chr. Bruun Hansen (Environmental Chemistry and Physics). Mette Nicolaisen (Microbial ecology and Biotechnology) is observer.

The aim of the group is to coordinate and cooperate on projects and developments related to modeling, using the Daisy model. Already now it is clear that several projects can benefit from common approaches on crop calibration, common standards of data collection, common principles when defining scenarios and there may be common wishes to new model developments. Presently the group meets every 3 months.

The exchange between the groups has increased considerably after the formation of the panel, and several activities have already been set in motion, among these a guide on crop calibration and joint proposals.

If you would like to know more, please contact a member of the Daisy group for more information.


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