SAFIR is an EU project to help provide SAFe IRrigation.

The two main components of this project is:

  1. Health issues related to use of low quality water for irrigation.
  2. Use of partial rootzone drying (PRD) for conserving water.

Some Daisy related tasks include:

  • Support for row crops, including a 2D root density model.
  • Two dimensional soil description.
  • One or more tomato parameterization
  • A Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Transpher (SVAT) model.
  • Much more.

The documentation can be found on the SAFIR home page (old page) in the deliverables linked to below.


  • Annex 3.1: 2D Water movement
  • Annex 3.3: Advanced photosynthesis module
  • Annex 3.4: 2D Root density (GP2D)
  • Annex 3.5: Plant hormone ABA production in roots (for PRD).
  • Annex 3.6: Advanced SVAT module.

D7.1 & D7.2

Section 3.4: OpenMI interface for Daisy.