Information for programmers

Lines of code

The source code for Daisy is hosted on GitHub and redistributable under the terms of the GPL and the LGPL

The code and build environment is not as friendly is you may be used to from other free software projects; there are not many external users so the needs of internal users are prioritized.

You may instead download a pre-compiled version of Daisy.

Build tools

GNU Make is used for building Daisy. The main command to build on Unix like systems (Linux, OSX) is "make linux". For MS Windows it varies, as of writing "make make-win32-portable" is the command to build a portable win32 executable.

Daisy have been compiled with various compiler through time, but usually some version of GCC is the main compiler. The implementation language is C++.

External dependencies

The Makefile needs to be edited to find the right version of these libraries.


You will want to set DAISYHOME to point to your development directory, so Daisy will pick up the right versions of the lib and sample files.

Random acts of documentation

The subpages here document some minor aspects of the code, they may be out of day, and does not cover the main structure or any of most important subcomponents.